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How to Make New Year Resolutions and Stick to It?

This article tells you how to make resolutions this new year.

Different Behaviours

Different behaviors: innate or learned?

What Does the Festival of Diwali Mean to Me?

Diwali is one of the most important Indian festivals celebrated by the Hindus. It has a great significance since the name "Diwali" means "display of lights". Diwali fills humanity with great enlightenment and happiness.

A Prayer At The Dawn Of New Year

A New Year is at hand. We welcome the new year with great dreams and resolutions. God should open our eyes to see truth and succeed in life.

Resolve in the New Year to Stop that Rage

New Year resolutions help to start afresh with a new vigor. Today the world needs more tolerance and peace. Every individual is getting more and more angry dragging humanity towards violence.

Begin the New Year with A Drink of Camel Milk

New Year Day is at hand. Dreams and resolutions for better living fill our minds with fresh ideas. Begin this New Year with a drink of camel milk which is a powerful tonic to provide fresh energy.

Begin the New Year with Smoke-free Lungs

Another year is at hand. Many people who were on this earth on the beginning day of this year are not alive today to see the beginning of the New Year. Smoking had been the monster to steal away their lives. Many people are still addicted to smoking habit. Why not begin this New Year with healthy lungs?

A Glorious Beginning of a Blessed End

Christmas with the commemoration of the birth of Jesus is just over. The whole world is anxiously waiting to begin a New Year with great plans. This is just a flash back on the plot of some Jewish "high class people" to put an end to a glorious beginning. The result is history.

Make The New Year A Happier One

Make everyday of the New Year a happier one and the whole year will be adding more and more happiness. Happiness is not something that comes from outside. But it comes from within.

New Year Tips for Parents to Teach Teens Responsibility

Teaching responsibility to the growing generation has become a great challenge to the computer era. Negligence in this duty will destroy the whole humanity in future. Everyone, parents and elders, should take a resolution in the New Year to consider this teen responsibility.

Luck To Embrace Us In The New Year 2012

Luck has embraced us and that is why we are alive in the New Year. The early hours have been sweet to us by wishing our friends, family and colleagues. Proceed the journey to success holding the torch of HOPE.

Myths About January

Every culture has its own tradition, history and calendar. Every calendar has many myths and stories attached to it. At the beginning of a New Year, it should be interesting to know the fascinating facts on January.

Healthy Resolutions for Wealthy Days

Health is wealth. Every healthy day adds your wealth. A New Year is already in progress. Take some resolutions that can make you healthy and make your future really wealthy.

Welcome My Precious

I welcome the new year 2013 with open arms. It is a free but precious gift to me. For a person of faith each day of the year brings blessing.

Blossoming Dreams of the New Year

Another New Year blossoms with fresh dreams. Life is always based on hope. It is based on positive hope. Positive hope makes life move forward with happy moments. Negative thoughts suck out energy and make life gloomy and dismal. Start the New Year 2013 with blossoming dreams of positive hope.

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