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10 popular community in orkut

when we talk about social networking sites ORKUT comes first in our mind. so let us know about the top 10 community in orkut

Protect your Orkut account from Hackers

Orkut is a famous social networking site. This article provides you details about protecting your Orkut account from hackers.

Social networking sites are under attack from the Principal of Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ri

Anthony Orsini, the principal of the school in an email to the parents of the children of his school has asked them to be socially responsible by keeping kids away from Facebook, MySpace and other networking sites.

Trillian (Instant Messenger)

People now a days have many email addresses and they are the members of many social networking site. Here is the solution to manage it easily

Social networking for Job search

Social networking sites are playing a major role for getting a job. This article explains you how you can get job through it

Orkut, Facebook or Twitter

Social networking sites had changed the face of Internet. They are getting a huge response from the people. Lets compare the top rated socail networking sites.

How to post pictures in Orkut forums

Normally we can add pictures in scraps in Orkut. But there is no provision to post pictures in orkut forum replies. Here are the steps to post pictures in forum replies.

How to Create Orkut a/c without Phone Verification

Much like today everyone has trouble creating a orkut, due to the fact you need a phone for each account, I have developed a method to overcome this, a great tip for those who need to creating new orkut's, well let's go.

Social Networking Websites and Your Personal Information- Tips for Online Safety

Social networking websites ask for your personal information. Here are some tips for online safety while using social network websites for communication and professional work.

Friendship in Changing times

With the times changing and technological advancements getting into peoples' lives their friendship necessities have also changed. But still many people and specifically the youth are running after increasing their tally of friends without getting to know the real ones.

Internet Censorship and its manipulation by various Governments

Internet censorship is a debate that has been raging for quite a long time particularly with the rise of objectionable content being posted, but many governments around the world seems primarily interested in removing contents that expose their wrongdoings and criticizes their policies.

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