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How to Manage Personal and Work Life

There are no pre-defined rules for setting your priorities. Each situation needs to be evaluated separately and the decisions you make need to be made based on the potential outcome(s) that will be a result of your actions. By preplanning, however, you should be able to identify potential conflicts and situations that may arise and then develop contingency plans in advance for dealing with these situations.

How Work Affects Personal Life

Dissatisfaction with our work life can have very serious personal consequences. A positive career path can become a dominating and all-consuming force in our life, where our desire to succeed is so great that we forsake our personal life. One key to success is developing a balance between our personal and professional life.

The Best Keys to Successful Life

We should possess unmistakable keys to achieve success. This article explores those keys of flowering.

Getting to Know Yourself Professionally

Millions of people spend their entire professional life being miserable on the job because they've made bad career decisions. Despite the fact that these people are miserable, they're often unwilling or unmotivated to take the initiative and improve their situation. As a result, they literally dread waking up for work each and every morning. Worst of all, their sole purpose for going to work is to earn a paycheck- and that's it.

Was Shakespeare a Catholic?

Was the well-known playwright Shakespeare a Catholic? What do the immortal words of his great works bring about his religious views? It may be an interesting topic since the fourth centenary of his death is just ahead.

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