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The Seven S Steps of the Prodigal Son Towards Starvation

The parable of the Prodigal Son is really a wonderful story that portrays the seven descending steps of every sin. Man goes away from God step by step and falls into an ugly mire of sins. But still God is waiting for his return with great love and compassion.

The Seven R steps of Ascending Towards Gods Embrace

Following the earlier article “The Seven S Steps of the Prodigal Son Towards Starvation”, here comes the article of hope, telling you how the prodigal son could rise up from his most ignominious state of life and return to the embrace of his beloved father. The seven R steps of return to glory are the hopeful steps that everyone is expected to go through to reach the most affectionate embrace of the Eternal Father.

When Does God Stop Loving You?

God is love. He loves all His creatures. He does not like going against Him by committing sins. Do sins stop His loving us?

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