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how to create reading culture in a baby

Describes how to make a baby love his or her books.

Helping Children to Develop a Healthy Reading Habit

Reading influences and helps an individual in many ways. Its quite good to cultivate this habit of reading right from childhood days. It enhances the word power and fills our minds with imagination and creativity.

Developing the Reading Habit

Once you have developed an interest in reading and books, you can be sure that you will never be bored in life. Books provide a life long companionship...

Good student habits

Pythagoras: Education is not to race to live, but temper the soul to the difficulties of life.

The habits of good students (Part I)

world of education in student status is an experience of dreams that some have but most have. In any case, the study contributes to modifying the life of someone who starts in the adventure like no other to improve their knowledge. For best results it is important to take certain actions relating mainly to the discipline and time management.

Early Age And Reading

The child should be introduced to reading as a pleasurable activity rather than as a burden that has to be endured.

Weekly Horoscope health by 10 - 16 January 2011

Weekly Horoscope health by 10 - 16 January 2011

Why it is Important for Online writers to find Quality time to Read

Many online writers write almost incessantly but I feel they should also make out quality time to read various content either offline or online that would enrich their inner resources and make sure that they don't lose out on quality while chasing quantity.

Reading As A Relaxing Hobby !

Written words are very powerful, they can cause different feelings within you and also relax you by making you forget about other worldly worries and everyday hassles and cares of life !

How to Read One's Mind

Mind reading is a difficult subject which needs

How to read the Bible daily

Reading the Bible will give us eternal benefits and useful in our life because will give us peace.

The Habit of Reading

This article explains the importance of reading.

20 Reasons for Decline in Reading Habit

Reading makes a man perfect. This is an old saying. It has been believed that avid readers tend to have a better grasp on realities and are known to be better judges of people. But have the internet boom and interactive medium of images caused a set back in reading habit?

A Kiss Worth Millions of Minutes Reading

Can a kiss boost kids' reading habits? It can. It has been proved here in an American village Stow making it historical and exciting.

Importance of English language and way of learning English language

In this article, I have explained about the importance of English language. I have also presented that how English language can be learnt and in what ways we can learn English language.

Reading makes a person imaginative ,intelligent and sensitive!

Studies have shown that children who read a lot are more intelligent and do better in studies and later in their career as well.

Tips to learn a foreign language

If you are enthusiastic about learning a new language then here are few tips for you.

Tips to learn a foreign language

If you are enthusiastic about learning a new language then here are few tips for you.

Best Learning Methods- Reading, Listening or Practice

What is the best learning method according to you? Is it reading, listening or doing things? I think we learn most efficiently with practical knowledge. We learn well when we participate or do things.

Pleasure of Reading

Reading is very fun it will help us to grap knowledge. This article says about the how reading will give us the pleasure.

The Benefits Of Gifting Books To Children

Reading and taking an interest in books is very essential and this should be carefully developed by the parents in their children while they are still young. Besides reading to them , one can also gift them books for special occasions..

Reading Fiction Helps Develop Social skills in Children

Reading, remembering and recommending is a continuous process that help us analyse life , things and experiences ..

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