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Who Are Happier Today? Young Or Old?

In the modern age, people of older generations seem to be happier than the younger. Does it mean that they have lost their happiness in their busy life? Is there any link between the age and happiness?

Is the Yellow Yolk of Egg a Killing Villain?

Eating egg has been a popular choice for mankind for millennia. Egg contains the egg white (albumen), and egg yolk (vitellus), contained within various thin membranes. It is considered to be a nutritious food. But studies say that the yolk of the egg is dangerous for health. Is it true?

My Grandma Warned Me of Diabetes If I Drank Coffee

I love drinking coffee. My grandma used to warn me not to drink coffee because it will cause diabetes. She was suffering from diabetes. She always pointed out at my father’s health condition who also had diabetes type II. Research of Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee says that drinking 3-4 cups of coffee daily reduces the risk of diabetes type II.

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