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Protect yourself from the new orkut spam

Protect yourself from the fast spreading spam in the orkut.

Personal Safety Alarm Ensures Your Security

Nowadays, we encounter antagonism and aggression. Personal alarms can help us to feel as confident, secure and safe as possible. There are various types of alarm you can use. Sometimes, it is very tricky to choose the right alarm.

Caring For Animals

Despite animals being an integral part of society, this planet and life in general is now in danger like never before, from humans. But some exceptional human beings on the other hand are fighting against these wrongdoers and also expressing their love for the animals in noble ways. This article salutes those brave men and women

The Life of a STUNTMAN

Stuntmen are an integral part of an action-based film most of us love to watch and one of the most neglected and forgotten as well. In this article I've tried to highlight their ordeals in the Bollywood film industry by citing some real-life tragedies, which leads to their untimely death at times or a grievous injury.

Latest Mobile Phones Safety - 3 Tips to keep your phone safe

We are all accustomed to using the word "smartphone." These latest mobile phones, which are offered in the number of manufacturers such as Blackberry, Nokia, LG and Motorola. These devices are really in the media now, because so many people use so many functions.

Safety Tips while Handling Hazardous Chemicals

Simple tips on how to handle hazardous chemicals.

Proper Lifting Safety Rules

Know the safety rule in lifting heavy objects to avoid injuries.

Little Roby Takes His Mom To School Carefully

Little Roby is just three years old. It has been very difficult to manage him walk across the road. His mom was trying all tricks to control his running across the road. And at last she succeeded.

In Search of a Loving Puppy

Loss of a loving puppy is a great shock for all, especially for little children. Loss of a pet cannot keep us peaceful. We are in search of it until we find it.

Wish for a Healthier New Year

The New Year is at the dawn. The passing year 2012 is slipping into history with some unhealthy memories. It had been a year of Doomsday. It had smudged the pages of history with blood marks of shootings and massacres. Let us wish for a healthier New Year-- physically and mentally healthier. Resolve to make 2013 healthy in body, mind and soul.

Make your FaceBook account secure

Keep your facebook safe or else you can easily hacked by hackers. This tips will help you safeguard your Facebook account.

Important Tips Food Safety and Hygiene in the Kitchen

Hygiene should be the first priority of everyone to lead a sound and healthy life. While preparing food in the kitchen for your loved ones, it becomes extremely important that your hands are not contaminating your food.

Exactly where to Track down Safety Symptoms and how it Rewards You

It can be very important you fully grasp that wellbeing and basic safety signals participate in a major purpose in regards to any small business or industrial premises so mastering the different types of signals is important for making absolutely sure you make the appropriate possibilities.

Safety Precautions when you leave home..

It is better to be aware of all the dangers involved and make sure that every aspect has been considered because there is no second chance where safety is concerned.

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