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A major nuclear disaster took place in Chernobyl(Previously in Soviet Union but now in Ukrain) on 29th April 1983. A little mistake of scientists took uncountable lives . That accident was such tremendous that it will take another 70 years to get the completely out of the bad effects. This one is a report about that accident and a hope that such accident doesn't occur in future.

Control and coordination.

Conditions such as chemicals, heat, electricity, etc. in the photic environment is always changing.

The Hero Of Sky- Wright Brothers

The childhood of Wright brothers. You all know them. They are Write Brothers .

Are Astrology, Religion and Science Linked?

Astrology has been with us for thousands of years and for nearly as long technological know-how has challenged it and faith unnoticed it, but tens of millions remain fascinated

Definition Of Study

Since we are living in a power and subject domain, more students screw opted to need courses related to subject and subject. They are thereby required to write discipline papers during their way of examination. Penning science writing can be burdening since the students are required to compose tailing the field changes in the concern. Usually, these students are surrendered a constricted period of case to all their science papers and owing to the fact that they individual different things to do

Defining what is human

Human resources can be the most misunderstood of all corporate departments, but they are most needed. People working in the Human Resources Department are not only responsible for hiring and firing of personnel, but also are responsible for contacting the personal references and administering employee benefits.

The child was having problems with math

Mathematics usually present many difficulties for students of any educational level. But children of primary education are the worst living difficulties, and they realize when talking with peers, older siblings and parents that this is something that will be very important to throughout their schooling.

Importance of science in our life and need of science to children

In this resource, I have explained how science became a part of our life. I have also explained about the position without science. Finally, in this article, in which fields science accrued I have mentioned. I have also presented how superstitions have been abandoned from this world when sciencetific thinking was come in to people. In this article, I have also mentioned how science subject is needed for children.

Classification of science as per human needs

In this article, I have explained about science by classifying into Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

Experiments on air occupies the space

In this article, I have mentioned the experiments about the air occupies the space.

What is Motion?

This is small article describes about the motion and a small detail. This was hot topic among students. This article just gives a small summary about physics and motion. I hope that you will like this article.

Plastic and bioplastic

Everyday thousands of plastics are using various peoples in various country. Do you know more about plastic than its usage. This article explain about the eco friendly plastics and who invented plastic. This is a small article but a studying topic among students in chemistry. I hope that you will like this article.

Ramanujan- the man of mathematics

Ramanujan is known as the greatest mathematician of modern India. This article explains about a short details about him. I am proud of him about his all achievements in mathematics.

The development of artificial life

This article reveals that possible similarities between real or biological life and DNA codes are the basis of life and behaviour.Recently,,computer researchers have begun to study so-called artificial life.computer-generated graphics in which the on-screen images seem to imitate the behaviour of biological life forms.

Abdul Kalam- profile and biography

Dr Abdul Kalam was one of the greatest scientist that India was ever saw and if is called the Missile Man of India. This article is about the profile and biography of him.

(3d imaging and sensor-based cutting technology to debone poultry).

Robotics research has immensely been increasing day by day and as it is commonly known about the usage of Robots in common day life; as for cleaning, counting coins, scrutinize notes, welding, packing, material handling, painting etc.

Technology Development In India

Described about the Technological development in India since the past decade. It is very useful , because the article explains about the development step by step.

Genetics And Its Types

What is genetics and what are the major sub categories into which genetics can be divided.

Haemophilia: The Royal Disease

A complete explanation of Haemophilia starting from history to present times.

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