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Advent Begins the Count Down to the Next Arrival of Jesus

It is Advent. It begins with an announcement of the next arrival of Jesus. In fact, it is the count down of meeting the Lord of hopes. Advent is actually an announcement of changes to achieve joy.

Love and Poverty Are the Two Realities of Christmas

Holidays have begun in the west. It is clubbed with thanksgiving and Christmas. It is a welcome to a new year. Christmas which is celebrated all over the world is a festival of love and human solidarity. It is a call for a new life of love.

The Best Food and the Best Medicine Given by the Best Physician

He was, and still he is, the best physician going around everywhere curing all the illnesses of people. In fact, he loved the sick people very much and went in search of them. He has given the best food and best medicine for human survival.

The Fall is the Christian Spring

Change of seasons announce the wonderful Providence of the Creator. Leaves fall and snow falls on them and covers them. Snow buries everything in nature in a dark winter. But a Christian Fall is to Rise.

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