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Online friend ship-More quantity less quality.

Now days making friends online is becoming more popular

Increasing craze for social Networking sites.

In the modern era most of the people love technology and love sufing on internet. This is my article on increasing craze about social networking sites.

Follow celebrities on Twitter

Twitter is now a days becoming a very good tool for celebrities to keep their fans and followers updated. Fans are also exited about know celebrities thought and activities. This post will list some of the celebrites twitter account links.

Trillian (Instant Messenger)

People now a days have many email addresses and they are the members of many social networking site. Here is the solution to manage it easily

Social networking for Job search

Social networking sites are playing a major role for getting a job. This article explains you how you can get job through it

Tips for grabbing job chance through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the professional website for connecting with top officials. Through LinkedIn you can get a beter job. This article gives you tips for getting a wonderful job.

EPIC - The first Indian origin browser

There is one more member to browser family namely EPIC.It is originated from India and is the first browser in the world with Anti virus software.

Orkut, Facebook or Twitter

Social networking sites had changed the face of Internet. They are getting a huge response from the people. Lets compare the top rated socail networking sites.

How to make Google search more effective ?

Whenever a student is asked to say a search engine name "Google" will be the first answer.All of us search in internet using Google.But by adopting some techniques we can make the search results more effective.

Way to protect your privacy online

Read e-mail to review your portfolio, you heard the latest information on Facebook, and I more than one area, the storm is his contract, but works with the Internet can be left to move. As a support worker abuse? The answer is simple: Be smart!

The path-breaking iPad Application Development sector

Know by now almost all the Apple gadgets geek or pupils that the last table is called IPAD Apple computer not only on a Tablet PC with Smart match Revolution. But the pages of other computer companies manufacturing competitiveness of breath - the pages of information technology.

Self Employment Ideas: Become a High-End Caterer

Luxury, gourmet food, Fancy parties. What does this have to self-employment? Just ask high-class restaurants, and to discover new career ideas.

The HTC Fires innovative features of the HTC Sense UI

HTC launched many new smartphones in recent months. For example, the HTC Fires, which decreased and aesthetics than many of the devices sister.

MArketing through social networking

Social Networking became buzz word for marketers, Its a media which require very less amount of investment and can create huge impact. Social network marketing technique is not directly earning any revenue for companies but they are creating a required word of mouth that too swiftly

social marketing

The importance of social marketing for small businsses.

Excellent Tips for Successful Content Writing and Working from Home

With little investment, anyone can develop content writing skills. Use good titles, article promotion and proofreading. Here are few more tips to earn more money via content writing and submitting articles online.

Friendship in Changing times

With the times changing and technological advancements getting into peoples' lives their friendship necessities have also changed. But still many people and specifically the youth are running after increasing their tally of friends without getting to know the real ones.

Top time wasters at the workplace and why they should be avoided

Many people complain of too much workload in office and how it seems to never end .This affects their personal life and leads to frustration .However ,many workers do not realise that they themselves are responsible for this problem since they do not manage their time efficiently at the workplace .

Conventional and Unconventional Ways of Protesting

Protesting against any political or non-political entity or body or a controversial decision is nothing new in this world but the world has seen several kinds of protests by now ranging from the conventional ones to the unconventional ones, going to the extent of being bizarre.

Internet Censorship and its manipulation by various Governments

Internet censorship is a debate that has been raging for quite a long time particularly with the rise of objectionable content being posted, but many governments around the world seems primarily interested in removing contents that expose their wrongdoings and criticizes their policies.

How to Recruit- Key Steps in Recruitment Process

If you work in recruitment firms, you learn to work at a fast pace. A few key steps in recruitment process help to find the right candidate and good referrals. Staffing is easy when you maintain a good database and communicate well with strangers. You should have persuasive skills to sell the job to the right candidate. A degree in sales can be useful for recruiters.

3 quick ways to promote your website

Website promotion can be tricky and many new businesses fail in the beginning because they fail to attract visitors. Here are a few quick ways to help your business pick up faster and reach world-wide.

Technical Gadgets were invented to Connect, but they still not able to Connect

Yes, there are plethora of ways, to connect these days, from house of technology; which earlier, were not available in non-technological era. People residing in faraway lands, were not able to connect because of no technology in non-technological era.

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