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About Kanyakumari - Place where three oceans meet

Kanyakumari is one of the most famous tourist place in India. Its the southern end of India. Its the place where three oceans meet.

Courtallam - The city of water falls

Courtallam is a very beautiful place in Tamil nadu. It can be considered as a city of waterfalls. 8 waterfalls are there in the city.

A Village that Loves Bats More than Crackers

A village in South India is celebrating festivals without any bursting noise, just for the sake of bats. They are following this eco-loving principle for the past five generations, more than hundred years.

A Goat Performs Ritual Pooja

What made this goat do all these rituals is the question of hundreds of curious people who still gather at this site, though the goat has left the place.

Madasamy Makes a Guinness Record To Make the Globe Greener

The speech of Madasamy of Tamil Nadu, South India, that lasted more than 36 hours, made a world record. It was his "longest speech marathon" to open the eyes of the world to make it greener.

Epiphany as the Plantain Trunk Feast

Plantain Trunk Feast or the feast of Epiphany is celebrated by the Kerala Christians of South India in a very grand manner with lights and fireworks. It commemorates the manifestation of Divinity in the humanity of Jesus and the visit of the Magi in search of Jesus.

Thanksgiving Day Here(USA) and There(South India)

Although Thanksgiving day is celebrated almost in all the continents at different dates in different names, it is primarily celebrated in USA and Canada as Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day has its its traditional roots in celebrations of thanksgiving for good harvest since it is closely associated with the harvest festivals.

Auspicious Pumpkin Flowers Adorn Tamil Houses in December- January

Pumpkin is hailed as the Halloween fruit of the west, especially in the US and
Canada. But you may be surprised to find that In South India, the yellow flower of pumpkin is ritually placed in front of the houses to avoid ill omens of the winter season(Margazhi Pooja).

Advent Food Traditions Around the World

Advent season is almost over. The world is ready for the great festival of Christmas. All the denominations of Christianity around the world have various kinds of traditions and rituals to mark this season. Every season has its own food traditions according to the culture of the region. It is interesting to learn at least some of them.

When Santa Claus of Christmas Meets Mahabali of Onam

Mahabali(Maveli) of God’s own country(Kerala) greets Santa Claus of Christmas with a Namaste. Santa Claus replies him with a hello. Mahabali visits his country Kerala during the festival of Onam and makes them happy. Santa meets everyone during Christmas and gives gifts to make everyone happy. Both of them are interested in the welfare of people.

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