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Watch Television on Internet for FREE!

A free software that allows to watch television channels, movies, listen to radio, play games, convert video files. Download link of the software and url to a microsoft component required is provided also.


Television - an informative source of knowledge
Television - an multi-dimensional invention
An instrument of teaching, awareness, knowledge & inspiring
Television - though termed as'IDIOT BOX' yet entertaining & illuminating!

Tips to control TV viewing habits

Watching too much television has negative effects on both young and old, male or female. This article will tackle practical advice on how a person or a family can control their viewing habits.

Satellite TV, Radio and Internet

This article provides you details and benefits of different radio satellite services like Satellite TV, Satellite Radio and Satellite Internet. This technology can provide you both entertainment and information.

Time for a new TV!

If you think about Time for a new TV, what you think of first? Which aspects of time for a new TV is important, which are essential and which can take or leave? You be the judge.

How to change your mood easily ?

Sometimes we may be in a very bad mood and getting into a good mood may be very hard for us . If we stay in the bad mood for more time it may take us into the stage of depression. This article will help you out to know how you can change your mood easily.

The role of Art and Entertainment in our life

Entertainment plays a significant role in our lives .This article presents three mediums of entertainment ,which are vastly different in fulfilling the common objective of providing quality entertainment

Dishonourable Honour Killings of India

'Honour Killing' is becoming very much notorious in India with the rise in the number of cases in recent times. Though it is mainly prevalent in the Hindu community but there are reports of such killings in other communities as well. It is a social crime that needs to be addressed soon and in a holistic manner.

Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

A video telecast by the reputed British Television station 'Channel 4' recently has sent shockwaves around the world as it exposed horrific 'War Crimes' committed by the Sri Lankan army over minority Tamil civilians and captured LTTE men on a freehand given by the Sri Lankan Government in the final few weeks of the over than quarter of a century long civil war between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE.

Best Ways to Choose Sony Television

And for the latest lineup, a plethora of special attributes and autocratic technological advancements have produced the Sony LCD Television the master inside the LCD Television industry.

Internet Addiction

Many people are addicted to the Internet. What about you?

20 Reasons for Decline in Reading Habit

Reading makes a man perfect. This is an old saying. It has been believed that avid readers tend to have a better grasp on realities and are known to be better judges of people. But have the internet boom and interactive medium of images caused a set back in reading habit?

Five common solutions to the problem of Insomnia

Many people around the world suffer from Insomnia or sleeplessness. Here are five common solutions that can cure the problem and let you sleep much better without any sort of medication.

Misconceptions about Sex in Indian Society and its Fallout

In the Indian society sex is viewed with indignation and stigma rather than a normal thing and hence lots of prejudices and misconceptions are created out of it. All of these lead the way for exploitation of the vulnerable sections of society and scores of issues generate out of it. It is high time some changes are made to this kind of dogmatic, parochial and ignorant mindset.

How to Limit Computer and Television Time for Kids and Teenagers

Here is a brief insight on how to limit computer and television time for kids and teenagers at home. iPhones, iMac, gaming consoles have largely taken over convention physical outdoor activities and sports. Socializing with people has now become more virtual than in real. Amid such situations, you can still keep your kids active and promote their physical and mental growth with some simple tips.

Reading makes a person imaginative ,intelligent and sensitive!

Studies have shown that children who read a lot are more intelligent and do better in studies and later in their career as well.

Control Obesity Weight Problems Using Natural Foods

Being overweight is a persistent state associated with unwanted weight. This is a deadly condition and also current Research has revealed in which being overweight is really a major cause for improved wellness dangers that people encounter within the developed world.

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