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Values Education

Teaching values requires the application of a serious effort, steady and methodical of all of society to achieve the individual training that meets the requirement of being useful, durable and appreciated by the people and the estates as necessary, useful and worthy of be maintained over time.

Primary school children also have values

Many times, parents and teachers try to reason with young children why they have not given a pencil to a classmate or why they attacked another, assuming that the child understand them accurately, but is this so?

International Day of Tolerance A Global Necessity Today

World has shrunk into a little globule. Every nation is aware today that only through tolerance human life can survive any longer. World is more closely tied to one another today.

Tolerance in the Modern World: at Dawn or at Dusk?

A few days ago the International Day of Tolerance was observed as an annual ceremony. The world needs tolerance and nonviolence greatly at this hour. The UN has called for this day across the globe as an attempt for the dawn of global peace. But what is the position of tolerance in the world today? Has tolerance really dawned across the globe?

Asthma - Some Myths And Facts

Asthma can start at a very early age and has no sex discrimination. However, Asthma is eminently treatable and with preventive measure it can be easily controlled so that an asthmatic person can lead a normal life in every respect.

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