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facts that all human beings should know.

It is a description of what life entails and how to live a happy life

How to Distinguish Between Fact and Opinion

Distinguishing between fact and opinion is a vital critical thinking and reasoning skill. To make wise decisions and solve problems effectively, you need to know the difference between what people think (opinion) and what people know (fact); between what people believe to be true (opinion) and what has been proven to be true (fact). You should also be able to determine whether something presented as fact is really true or if you should accept it as a tentative truth.

Being truthful is not easy

This article talks about why being truthful is not easy task.Why we cannot be truthful in every situation is mentioned in this article.


Deceiting self is very difficult task but sometimes

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Why Do Children Tell Lies?

A Chinese proverb says, "Children's mouths speak the truth." If you listen to the words that come out of the mouths of babes you will find out that they are too innocent to speak lies. Then why do they say lies when they grow up?

At The Brink of World War

A short poem which describes world war as being near, and about how spiritual merits protect from fear

Alone With a Poem

Poetry with a message


Realizations at the end of the day.

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