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The Strength in Unity

To build peace and unity among nations, we should start building peace within ourselves, this way we can bring peace and unity to others and can do better things. If we are peaceful, we can truly feel the presence of God.

Anna Hazare and his people's movement across India !

The entire nation should support Anna Hazare and the cause for uprooting corruption from India. This is the first step and if it succeeds it can lead to other more effective measures to be implemented..

Ramayana Month to Build up Relationships

July and August are months of pilgrimage to the temples of fraternity. It strengthens relationships as well as spiritual life. Reading Ramayana is fulfilled only by this pilgrimage.

Let The Dying Families Resurrect During This Easter

This is not a religious message. It is just my anguis request to strengthen family life through positive communication. If families die out the whole humanity will perish.

Why did you Come here, O Cruel Sandy (poem)

Sandy has devastated the eastern coast of America. The loss is beyond all expectations. Saddening every heart of the country and the world, the cruel hands of Sandy has played a devilish game of Halloween on the eastern states of America.

Seven Seven Years Ago a Star Was Shot Down

Seven seven years ago, JF Kennedy who stood for equal rights and true democracy was shot dead by narrow minded politics or fanatic selfishness. What caused this dreadful event is still a mystery. But there are countless people who live for equality and freedom and worship this hero on the altar of their hearts.

Motherless in Heaven, Fatherless on Earth- The Babe Jesus (Haiku)

Motherless in heaven and fatherless on earth was born the Babe of Bethlehem. The Son of God was born as the son of Virgin Mary to fulfill the plan of redemption.

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