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World Cup Cricket 2011 - Mascot Stumpy unveiled

India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh will jointly host the World Cup Cricket Carnival 2011. The mascot of the tournament an elephant named "Stumpy" was unveiled yesterday at Sri Lanka.

Golden Memories of the 1983 World Cup Triumph

The only win of a World Cup Cricket Tournament by the Indian Cricket team was the Prudential World Cup in 1983. Even after twenty-seven long years we still cherish those memories when India stunned the World by doing the unthinkable. This article has tried to relive that magical Tournament once again.

Chances of Teams of Winning the ICC 2011 World Cup

With days remaining in the commencement of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 this is a rough analysis of the chances of the potential contenders of lifting the coveted trophy and a few other so called big teams as well.

Cricket Umpires Hogging the Limelight more than some Cricketers

Cricket Umpires are supposed to conduct the game smoothly while the players hog all the limelight but that is not always true as there are a bunch of men who has outdone the men with bat and bowl in being at the limelight for the right and wrong reasons.

West Indies in India

The Upcoming Tour of West Indies will be a real test for the West Indies team. For once it will be correct to make a call that the West Indian team will be under pressure.

Modern day Cricket doesn't have Great Bowlers

Unlike the past decades the present modern day cricket doesn't have any great bowler to challenge the batsman to the full. Hence the batsman are finding it a little easier to score and piling up the runs to tumble records. Various reasons are responsible for making the game of cricket such skewed towards the batsman, while the bygone times remind us of great bowlers who embellished the game.

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