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What is a Router?

This Article is about routers used at home (SOHO routers). Normally routers will have 4 LAN ports and 1 WAN port. Ports are nothing but the sockets or outlets where we connect the Ethernet cables from the computer and from the Modem. Router is used for sharing internet with two or more computer. If you have an internet connection subscribed, the Internet service Provider (ISP) will offer a Modem. With this modem only one computer can go online. Some ISP will offer Gateway device. Gateway is a co

What is an Access point and how does it work?

Access point is a device which is like an Add-on or extension for a router. An Access point will look similar to a router but it just has only 1 LAN port and can have 1 or more antennas.

3 Things to Consider for Business Laptops

This article provides you the 3 basic things and their details to consider on having a business laptop because there are different kinds and capabilities of laptop depending on how the user will use it.

Transmission Media

The foundation of any network is the transmission media or the circuitry used to
interconnect and carry network signals between systems. Transmission media provide the
path for one computer to transfer information to another. The purpose of transmission
media is to transport a raw bit stream from one machine to another.

Wireless Repeaters: Powerful Wireless Range Extender

Have you ever heard the work repeater? How about wireless repeater? Sounds technical, but it is true that there is already a wireless repeater technology today. Wireless repeaters have no standards but they are very effective in extending the range of a wireless signal. This article gives a more detailed explanation about a wireless networks and its features.

Tips for Media state Media disconnected or Network cable Unplugged

Tips for Media state Media disconnected or Network cable Unplugged

The Risks of Connecting to Free Wireless Hot Spots

Wireless hot spots are now emerging throughout the generation, from shopping malls and to coffee shops. This article provides you more detailed information about the dangers of engaging your laptop to a free to access wireless hot spots.

4g wireless cyberspace

4g wireless cyberspace

The Power of Creating Wireless Desktop

This article is about the power of creating wireless desktop. Technology nowadays are increasing as wireless technology is even greater that the other technologies before. They become more useful and portable which makes users more comfortable of using portable devices.

Some applications for Mobile steal personal information

Now you must be very careful about the applications that add to our phones, mobile phone identification, location, passwords, contacts and many other data are sent by the applications that draw our attention and download, which then give or sell this information to other companies. The Angry Birds popular video game is one of those applications that steal information.

Broadband Internet: A Better and Easier Way to Access the Internet

In order to completely help from a broadband internet connection, the initial and the majority significant thing one will require is a high speed modem. Opening from the before time 2000's, the internet has turn out to be extra and more well-liked amongst citizens from different countries and areas.

Best Benefits and Advantages of Wireless Coloration Printers

In the beginning most of the outputs have been particular in black nevertheless progressively coloration printers conclude emerged and are hustling in great numbers nowadays.

Advantages of Using Recycled Ink Cartridges

If you are a person who's pulse runs excessively high at the very mention of the advice like environment further nature, this article is a must read for you.

Advantages and Concepts of Shade Wireless Printers

A printer is an utmost system applied in computing to create text or graphical paperwork on rightful pencil media approximate as paper or transparencies.

Understanding Wireless Ranges - Know the Concept

You will find very few issues nowadays which are since annoying since wireless technology. Numerous wireless Products declare remarkable wireless ranges however when you have them home they might only work with half the advertised range. How can this occur?

10 Great things about Bluetooth

Bluetooth is of much importance in our life nowadays. Its a lot easier way to send files. Below are 10 shortlisted benefits of bluetooth

Told And Untold Stories Of R.M.S. TITANIC (Part III)

As the Captain of R.M.S. Titanic and few others of the crew came to know of the cruel reality that Titanic was sure to be doomed and there wasn't much time to spare lowering of lifeboats were ordered by the Captain into the water with passengers on board. From this point onwards the remarkable human stories surrounding the sinking of Titanic started to unfold itself.

Choose to learn Your Nanny to acquire an inexpensive price of wi-fi nanny cam

Many dad and mom now possess a want to utilize the very best nanny cam inside their residences. This is because of a concealed in-home surveillance gadget only offers a straightforward strategy to look at children''s caregiver.

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